Consumer products and brands

Los Angeles Public Relations assists consumer items and businesses in developing strong, honest customer relationships. Programs that use the same message across all platforms and audiences come across as generic and fail to build long-term emotional bonds with consumers. Our award-winning consumer division collaborates with clients to develop customized messages and strategies that communicate to their key customers in new and relevant ways.

Our method begins with the development of a strong voice that acts as a foundation for the brand and its messaging, allowing us to construct programs that help customers connect with items on a personal level. All our strategies are centered on forging a long-term emotional bond with customers, which begins with aligning brands with their target market’s requirements, goals, and aspirations.  Our outcomes are unrivaled, whether we’re executing creative strategies that surprise and delight, breaking news that gets maximum media attention, or engaging customers where they least expect it.  We integrate all viable elements such as social media, cause marketing, sampling, product integrations, events, contests and promotions, celebrity seeding, and more.

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