Los Angeles Public Relations specializes in highly charged issues and crisis management for businesses and individuals experiencing unexpected challenges in the marketplace – from rumors to recalls – and can respond to crisis PR situations in minutes. We understand why a crisis is referred to as a “defining moment,” and as a result, our haste is tempered by a thorough examination of every potential scenario before taking action.  We know how to run Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns. When unfavorable articles emerge, we can rapidly and effectively change and alter your internet reputation, changing and impacting your search results. Our crisis PR clients cannot be mentioned for reasons of secrecy; however, many renowned organizations entrust our team with all areas of crisis PR and damage control.

The news cycle in today’s world is measured in seconds (on a slow day), and the court of public opinion makes decisions quickly. When a crisis strikes, we recognize that minutes are money. We know how to frame the discussion and effectively manage your message.  IPOs, business and personal litigation, product recalls, trade disputes, environmental issues, warranty and product liability claims, executive-related scandals, misinformed publics, labor issues, criminal indictments, and a variety of sensitive domestic and international political issues are just a few of the issues we’ve dealt with. Our reputation for combining cutting-edge strategy with a quick-fire, aggressive attitude helps us get the results our customers want, whether it’s correct press coverage or none at all.

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