Entertainment and Sports

Influencer endorsements are often the key to cutting through the clutter in a crowded, distracted market. Through influencer interactions, celebrity seeding, product placement, and brand integration, we help clients reach their target audiences in all elements of media. The LA Public Relations team connects our clients with A-list celebrities, lifestyle experts, fashion designers, renowned sports, business moguls, makeup artists, mommy bloggers, and gourmet chefs.

Our team has worked with influencers to assist brands, products, issues, and causes gain a lot of attention.  Lifestyle experts are often superstars in their own right in today’s media world. We have a powerful network of influencers that we use to generate third-party endorsements for our clients across multiple platforms. To guarantee that our clients effectively reach their target audiences, we systematically match them with the proper experts, celebrities, influencers, events, collaborations, and more.

We provide powerful endorsements that speak to consumers and the media through celebrity branding and product placement, launch events, cocktail receptions, art exhibitions, celebrity and influencer seeding, brand ambassadors, sponsorships at high-profile events, celebrity wrangling, VIP red carpet events, store openings, and more. We have extensive expertise working with influencers, celebrities, and consumer outlets. Influencer marketing is something we understand.

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