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Regardless of your brand engagement, we make your business “liked” and “known”.

At Los Angeles Public Relations, we believe in building solid partnerships and relationships with the community. We make your brand a story that interests everyone and can travel from one neighbour to other neighbours, buoyed by evolving technologies and new networks.

We work out an ideal “PR Solution” for your brand. Whether you’re an emerging brand or an established company, our public relations experts go the extra mile to outline and accomplish your strategic objectives.

Our full-service public relations firm has years of experience working with unicorn technology firms, domestic and international companies, regional businesses, and high-profile entrepreneurs.

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Let your brand message reach the target audience.

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Create a strong brand persona that resonates with your target niche.

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Count on our unique yet proven online marketing, emailing, and advertising methods.

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Stay updated with the evolving and latest trends, events, and news.

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What Makes Us Stand Out?

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Unwavering Commitment to Clients

Los Angeles PR is the pioneer of public relations and marketing services. Our thought leadership sets us apart from other PR marketing agencies. We are an accredited and recognized firm, operating with multiple prestigious accolades, including "Agency of the Year" and four business awards from the American Business Awards.
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Decades of Experience

Los Angeles PR takes pride in being a decade-old public relations firm to facilitate businesses of various sizes.
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Inclusive 24/7 Services

Established in 2003, Los Angeles PR is a dependable PR agency committed to providing comprehensive marketing and PR strategies to upscale their network and connection with their target niche.
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Industry Experts

We work with a pro team that is highly trained and qualified to provide your brand extraordinary services. Our crew carefully examines your brand needs to design innovative and unique public relations, influencer strategies, and social media marketing tactics.

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Los Angeles Public Relations think there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy.

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    Our Reviews

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    Busters LifelineBusters Lifeline
    23:56 15 Dec 22
    Our organization hired this PR agency, and I have to say they did an incredible job specifically with our raffle campaign. Damien and his team were able to get our raffle marketing and ads all over the local community via social media and local tv ads, very knowledgeable and professional. We would highly recommend them and their work.
    Amelia AddingtonAmelia Addington
    01:17 07 Dec 22
    Building a new brand reputation is easier when you work with professionals. When we launched a new company, we needed a helping hand in creating a brilliant reputation. This hand was given by the Los Angeles PR agency. They are real professionals in what they do and work hard to build a strategy to promote a new brand on the market.
    HA HasibulHA Hasibul
    01:24 06 Dec 22
    It was a pleasure collaborating with this PR agency.We launched a new skincare product with the help Los Angeles Public Relations company. Their team already had contacts of beauty bloggers with a broad audience and were considered trustworthy in their niche. Everything looked so natural without any single hint in the ad. Then the product began to sell itself.
    David Roman PerezDavid Roman Perez
    22:22 29 Nov 22
    Opening a new nightclub would be impossible without Los Angeles PR agency. They did the job and made the opening night terrific! They invited guests and media people that attracted the attention of the masses to our place. People were queuing up to get in. The bar was busy, and many happy people were dancing inside. It’s a success!
    Joe D enriqueJoe D enrique
    00:07 25 Nov 22
    We worked with the Los Angeles Public Relations company for our marketing research. To be more precise, we collaborated to work with our target audience and determine their opinion about our new product.We are thrilled about the job this company has performed. They organised everything starting from the focus groups and finishing studying the feedback on social media. It helped us significantly improve our product.

    What We Offer As A Los Angeles PR Company

    Rely on our expertise to help your brand create an impression that remains on the mind of the audience for a long time. We let your brand rule the market with impeccable PR strategies, whether it's a launch, campaign, or project.

    Government PR

    Maintain an appropriate relationship with the government, manage and disseminate the information in an effective manner to influence the public perception

    government pr by lapr
    social media marketing by lapr

    Social Media Marketing

    Use social media platforms to promote your services and products with the best digital marketing strategies.

    Reputation Management

    Monitor conversations, and perceptions, respond to threats, seize opportunities, and boost reputation.

    reputation management by lapr

    PR Crisis Management

    Prepare your brand for a significant event that can threaten its reputation.

    pr crisis management by lapr
    consumer pr by lapr

    Consumer PR

    Communicate with your target audience and consumers by employing the most effective PR tactics and marketing plans

    Entertainment PR

    Make our entertainment publicist your team partner to promote your brand through celebrities and famous artists

    entertainment and sports pr by lapr

    What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

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    Best Public Relations

    “Partnering with Los Angeles Public Relations has developed into an indispensable collaboration for Flo. Los Angeles Public Relations consistently secures top-notch press coverage, and seamlessly works with our team to develop innovative ways to get our message out. They’re always thinking out of the box and leveraging their contacts for us. Los Angeles Public Relations has consistently garnered exceptional results for Flo, and ultimately helps further our mission to prevent loss, one drip at a time. Couldn’t ask for more.”

    Gabriel Halimi, CEO and co-founder, Flo Technologies



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