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We have already stepped into 2022, and the year has witnessed a dramatic shift in the domain of digital and social media marketing. The digital marketing landscape encompassing social media, SEO, and PPC is likely to grow exponentially, with more and more companies and brands looking for ways to maintain their online presence.

Ushering with a never-before standard, the new social media and digital marketing strategies are perpetually evolving with the current high-tech era. That is why businesses need to adapt them to succeed. The feature that makes social media managing or marketing a powerful way to improve brand awareness and sales is the presence of 4 billion people.

It is undeniably a great platform to connect with potential customers, whether a startup or an established brand.

Social media and Digital marketing can promote your brand, making it a critical part of your marketing strategy.

Los Angeles Public Relations is one of the social media advertising services with years of industry experience. We work with social media management specialists that are familiar with the diverse landscape of digital marketing. They have explored the new pinnacle of advanced technology to help brands grow their online presence.

As an expert social media marketing agency, we have already heightened the bar of expectations by using advanced technologies and practical strategies to boost the ROI of different brands. Working with our digital marketer can help you gain exposure to the customers’ needs and evolving demands.

Our team understands the importance of using collaborative strategies to advertise services with many facets of digital marketing. As a successful and renowned digital marketing gurus, we know what real-world roadblocks can be challenging for companies to reach out to their target audience.

That is why the team of professional digital marketers at Los Angeles Public Relations uses its professional knowledge to leverage successful marketing strategies for your brand.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Basics

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to “online marketing methods” brands use on various platforms, including Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook, and LinkedIn to capture the attention of clients, boost brand awareness, diverse audience segmentation, and connect or collaborate with potential customers and other brands.

There is no denying that social media marketing is an effective way for small and big brands to reach prospects and convert them into potential customers. SSM provides many opportunities for brands to connect with prospects and spend time with them.

The platforms make it easier for the brands to bolster their brand engagement. However, brands and enterprises must have a solid, data-driven, and dynamic marketing plan to reap the benefits of multichannel networking.

Partnering with LAPR is one way to improve your online presence. We are a social marketing agency with a track record of bringing remarkable results to brands and turning clientele into brand advocates.

We devise innovative and unique marketing strategies to help brands influence SEO (search engine optimization), lead conversion, and digital marketing efforts.

With Los Angeles Public Relations, you can create more leads and generate revenue streams for your company.

How Can a Social Media Marketing Campaign Help My Business?

Take a moment and think about the number of people using social media daily for various purposes. The exponential growth of social media usage indicates a massive shift in customer acquisitions trend.

Most people prefer connecting with the brands they want to buy from through social media platforms. Regardless of the size of the brand or company you run, you’re bound to find a large population of your target audience on social media.

Social media marketing allows you to share strategic content or paid ads on online platforms where your target audience spends a significant amount of time. This instant connection with social media users is an excellent way to give your business extensive, valuable, and targeted exposure.

Leveraging social media marketing helps brand maximize their reach, lead conversions, and qualified web traffic. Lead conversions are the outcome brands try to achieve. That is why determining the marketing goal of your brand is essential before you plan social media strategies.

Put simply; a comprehensively designed social media marketing campaign is critically important for your brand’s online success. While strategies may vary for different brands, their marketing tactics have the same goals. They aim to drive revenue and improve brand awareness.

Digital Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Many marketers consider social media marketing and digital marketing the same thing. They believe using different social media campaigns for B2B marketing equals digital marketing. While social media and digital marketing share the same goals, they can’t be used interchangeably. Social media marketing is one component of digital marketing.

Let’s plunge into the details to understand the difference between marketing in social media and digital marketing and the ways you can use to leverage their benefits.

Digital Marketing and its Rising Trends

From building a robust and profitable image in the customer’s mind to maintaining relevance, investing in digital marketing can help you do everything. According to expert marketers, digital marketing encompassing social media, SEO, and PPC has set new norms to engage consumers.

It typically involves using internet marketing channels and tactics that include the following.

A well-designed video is an excellent marketing tool that captures the audience’s attention and creates a strong connection with your brand. While many mediums can form this connection, video has the edge due to its speed and impact.

The viewer quickly establishes a connection with the product and services offered. The established emotional connection with a specific brand helps make new leads and cement the brand’s loyalty. That is why brands need to be strong storytellers for high sharing, drive more traffic, and increase sales.

Many brands have incorporated video marketing as an integrated digital marketing strategy. According to a survey;

o   72 % of entrepreneurs have improved their conversion rates through video marketing

o   65 % of visitors land on the page of the marketer’s website, while 39 % contact a vendor after watching a video

o   70 % of customers say that they share brand video

The trend of video marketing is gaining traction as 85% of different businesses use it for promotions. Brands preferably hire expert video production companies and social media marketing agencies to create video campaigns and market their products.

Many brands do not only post-marketing videos on these platforms but also get them transcribed. When they upload a raw video with comprehensive subtitles, they get more views and impression shares compared to YouTube videos with no transcription.

You can also attach video thumbnails in email marketing and write “video” in the email’s subject as it increases the open rate to 19 percent. Live streaming, video SEO, and 360-degree video content are some more ways to reap the benefits of this fantastic digital marketing trend.

Creating a video to promote your business is highly cost-efficient. With a reliable digital marketing service like LAPR, you don’t need tech professionals to upload or edit professional marketing videos.

Our professionals can help you make a video post or live broadcast on a social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Programmatic Advertising uses A.I. technology to automate advertisement buying to target a specific audience is another digital marketing tactic. For example, auction or real-time bidding can be taken as programmatic ad buying. Undoubtedly, this automation is way faster and more efficient and can translate into lower consumer acquisition and higher conversations.

Interestingly, it has the potential to change the norms of digital advertising swiftly. EMarketer claims that around 90 percent of digital display ads will be programmatic by 2025 in the U.S. Once you establish the virtues of P.A., you can use it to your advantage.

Chatbots are another emerging digital marketing trend. This uses high-tech A.I. that works through instant messaging to connect to customers in real-time.

Approximately 1.4 billion consumers interact via chatbots. Plus, around 80% of businesses have already implemented a plan to work through chatbots. Brands prefer using the technology as it is responsive and can accurately recall buying history. It provides impeccable customer service by automating multiple tasks and responding to customers quickly.

Artificial intelligence is ready to take over digital marketing in the upcoming years. It might be surprising that A.I. can analyze not only search patterns but also consumer behaviors just by utilizing data from various social media platforms.

Not only that, it can analyze blog posts to help entrepreneurs understand the psychology of the customers when finding services and products. That means A.I. is of paramount importance when it comes to behavioral targeting. For instance, in analyzing Facebook messenger, bots are beneficial in automating and optimizing customer services.

Voice recognition technology is one of the most exciting yet helpful technologies that will get more advanced in 2019. This technology will help marketers expand and improve their brand market significantly.

Email marketing is not something very uncommon when we talk about digital marketing. It has been an integral part of this domain for decades. Following the same trend, email marketing has evolved to become more customers friendly to help brands improve their marketing strategies. It combines the features of data analytics, personalization, and automation to leverage email marketing potential.

Social Media and its Rising Trends

As said above, social media marketing is a component of digital marketing. It allows brands and companies to leverage social media forums and platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok to launch a brand and engage with customers and prospects.

The combination of digital media and social media marketing campaigns involves video ads, influencer marketing, and social media stories to post fresh content. Here are some marketing tactics brands can use to improve their brand awareness.

Google and Facebook, with their ability to access target customers and massive audiences, are ruling the realm of social media digital advertising. The latest surveys have found that 67% of advertisers rely on consumer identities or data from Google and Facebook.

However, the industry is shifting its focus to video ads as digital advertisers set their aim to build a strategic brand over direct responses from the customers.

In addition to these factors, the rise in the popularity of video ads has several other reasons in which the ability to narrate stories is most important. There is no doubt that this format is better than other advertising formats.

YouTube and Facebook, as primary video websites, have enabled advertisers to not only optimize the content but also measure the performance. Recent research has reflected that 58%of advertisers have increased their video ad spending between 2 % to 24% over the past few years.

With a significant improvement in the e-commerce industry paralleled with high social platform use, advertisers have started using social e-commerce. Social e-commerce refers to a form of e-commerce that leverages social platforms.

The phenomenon has long been a debate among digital marketers until recently when advertisers began implementing it. Sales in social commerce have increased at an exponential rate annually.

E-commerce sales are expected to increase by about 250% by 2025. Undoubtedly, social media platforms play a critical role in these statistics. One reason for this rise is that an average person spends much of their day on social media.

Facebook, in this regard, has been one of the noticeable contributors to the e-commerce industry when it is to social media digital advertising. However, you cannot ignore other networks such as chatbots.

Although it is a simple social media digital advertising strategy, it can have a powerful impact on consumers. Influencer marketing focuses on and includes vital market leaders to bring the brand’s message to the masses, especially potential consumers.

Marketers hire influencers to drive a brand’s message. The strategy is very effective in persuading customers by using star power and influence.

Social media stories are another latest social media digital advertising trend marketers use to enhance the brand image. Savvy marketers use live video, which is a robust social rollout to promote brand awareness and engagement.

Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook have already introduced social media stories that many marketers have started using to support their brands.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing offers a host of benefits for both established brands and startups. If you have a substantial plan, content marketing strategy, and campaign monitoring system, you can increase your search traffic, customer engagement, brand loyalty, and SEO ranking.

Here is a rundown of benefits you can get by incorporating social media into your marketing strategies.

Increased Online Exposure

The phenomenon of social media marketing isn’t only constantly advancing but also becoming even more powerful. The marketing and online resources have evolved drastically over the years.

To gain more exposure, you can find almost every small and big marketer, retailer, and business owner on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Improved Target Audience Reach

Even the most creative and valuable content isn’t of your use if your target audience doesn’t get to read it. One of the most important benefits of using social media marketing is its “reach to the masses “.

Marketing your services via social media enables you to identify, classify, and target demographics based on location, age, interests, and online activities.

Boosted SEO Rankings

Did you know that popular search engines such as Bing and Google integrate profiles, comments, Tweets, and updates into the results pages? That has significantly increased the importance of interacting with the prospect online.

Increased Customer Reach

A recent study from WebIndex demonstrates that over 54 percent of users use different social media forums to get information about the product. It doesn’t end here, as approximately 48 percent of consumers make a purchasing decision after reading reviews and recommendations from the popular social media influencers.

Strengthened Customer Trust

Knowing how to utilize social media platforms for better customer engagement can build better thought leadership and more meaningful connections with prospects and followers.

Don’t Know How To Get These Benefits?

Let Los Angeles Public Relations manage your social media marketing and improve your online visibility, profits, and brand control. We are experts in social media managing tasks or social media content management. Our services include everything from online conversation to content creation and sharing for your target market. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you take your social media to the next level.

Our Proven Effective Social Media Marketing Process

So far, you have learned what social media marketing is and why your brand needs it to maximize its reach to the target audience. We have also talked about the plenty of benefits your brand gets when you use professional social media marketers.

Now it is time to learn how to market your brand on social media effectively. Let’s take you through the process we use for social media marketing. Typically, our unparalleled social media management process comprises four steps.

  1.   Meeting clients’ social media manager
  2.  Conducting an in-depth analysis of clients’ social media presence
  3. Devising a data-driven strategy
  4. Generating and Reviewing tangible results

Schedule Your Appointment

With professionally managed social media accounts, you will be able to bring result-oriented changes in lead conversion, profitability, and sales. At LAPR, we aim to create a tangible and fundamental change to help your business achieve long-term goals such as launching new products, expanding branches, and recruiting more team members. Schedule your appointment with our social media team to learn more about our unique and creative marketing process!

Our Social Media Pricing Plans for Different Businesses

Los Angeles Public Relations believes in making social media marketing accessible to every business. Therefore, we offer value packaged and cost-effective pricing with no hidden charges. 

Contact Los Angeles PR for the pricing and quotes on campaigns and plans.


$ 150 Monthly
  • Original Post Content Development for SMM
  • Post Promotion to boost Ad Management
  • Social Media Schedule Organization
  • Community Management (ten responses a day)
  • Included platforms Facebook and Instagram
  • Social Networks –Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Account Manager
  • Performance Analysis
  • Monthly two hours consultation month
  • Post Frequency


$ 170 Monthly
  • Original Post Content Development for SMM
  • Post Promotion to boost Ad Management
  • Social Media Schedule Organization
  • Community Management (ten responses a day)
  • Included platforms Facebook and Instagram
  • Social Networks –Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Account Manager
  • Performance Analysis
  • Monthly two hours consultation month
  • Post Frequency


$ 200 Monthly
  • Original Post Content Development for SMM
  • Post Promotion to boost Ad Management
  • Social Media Schedule Organization
  • Community Management (ten responses a day)
  • Included platforms Facebook and Instagram
  • Social Networks –Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Account Manager
  • Performance Analysis
  • Monthly two hours consultation month
  • Post Frequency


Call Us Custom
  • Original Post Content Development for SMM
  • Post Promotion to boost Ad Management
  • Social Media Schedule Organization
  • Community Management (ten responses a day)
  • Included platforms Facebook and Instagram
  • Social Networks –Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Account Manager
  • Performance Analysis
  • Monthly two hours consultation month
  • Post Frequency

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Don't hesitate to reach out to our PR agency to learn more about our customized plans.

How to Market on Social Media?

Many companies and brands struggle to get the results they expect from their social media. Not every brand can become a thought leader overnight. It requires efforts and comprehensively planned marketing ideas to attract customers’ attention.

Plus, businesses need to incorporate a data-driven and proven social media marketing approach to set their brand apart from others.

Remember that each step in developing an effective campaign is critical to transforming your brand. The social media channel you choose and how you build your content marketing strategy significantly impact your brand.

We break down the aspects you must take into account when marketing on social media.

If you want your social media campaign to work smoothly and drive outcomes your business needs, diving into heavy research is essential. You must have in-depth knowledge of your target audience, market competitors, and users’ behavior on the social media platform you want to use.

You can find this information by checking the competitors’ social media pages. Look at the content they post, how they get good engagement, and what ads they run. Auditing your competitor’s social media pages can help you gain insights into your niche and target audience.

Beyond this, you also need to research the aspects that motivate your target audience to make a purchasing decision. Determine their problems and ways you can offer the solutions through your services.

Once you’re done with your extensive research about the target audience, you need to plan out the content that can attract the attention of qualified and targeted followers. Make sure the content you post is more customer-focused and less salesy. 

You must provide the followers with valuable, relevant, and informative content that proves you as an experienced and expert brand. Planning out content is crucial to deciding the brand tone and the best ways to interact with the target audience.

Ensure that every aspect you control about the social media accounts is optimized. You must put your best foot forward when planning your social media accounts. Optimizing accounts include how you;

  1.  Fill out the bio on the account.
  2.  Add a high-resolution version of the logo in the profile photo
  3. Ensure your site links work
  4. Include your business’ information
  5. Proofread for errors (spelling and punctuation)

If your brand has more than one social media account, ensure all the features look unified and follow the same pattern. That means your followers should not have difficulty finding you on other platforms. Ideally, one way to do it is to use the same handle for every forum.

Also, consider optimizing your social media accounts with SEO features. That allows your platform’s name to appear on the search result when someone types your brand name in the search bar.

So, when you optimize your bio, use relevant keywords that users are likely to type to search for the services or products you provide. It is particularly true if you’re using Instagram.

Note that social media advertising and social media management aren’t the same things. Social media advertising is a separate service you can choose if you want to run ads on your social media pages.

If you want to save time and effort, the best way to market on social media is to hire a veteran social media advertising agency. Los Angeles Public Relations is a reliable firm with years of experience creating successful social media marketing strategies for brands and businesses.

At Los Angeles Public Relations, we have the best practices to market your business on different online platforms. We are willing to become your long-term partner in your marketing journey. We have assisted hundreds of clients in creating and implementing multifaceted social media and digital PR Ads and campaigns to improve their brand visibility.

Contact our social media advertising experts and consultants to help your brand excel through active networking and advertising!

The Do's and Dont's of Social Media Marketing

Do you want your social media marketing efforts to work for your brand? When creating a marketing strategy, make sure you keep these dos and don’ts in mind.



Social Media Marketing Platforms

Opt for social media promotion for the following platforms.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is an ideal platform when you want to market your services cost-effectively. You only need to hire Los Angeles Public Relation’s expert marketing team to steer traffic to your landing page. 

Our Facebook advertising agent works with you to determine your marketing goals and budget. With proper Facebook optimization, our social media management expert expands your reach on this most prominent social media platform.

facebook logo
instagram logo

Instagram Marketing

Connecting with more customers and followers via Instagram is not a task anymore with our Instagram marketing experts. We do everything from enhancing your business profile, launching ads, and posting attention-grabbing images, to managing I.G. stories.

Instagram marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to potential customers and followers. By using creative and engaging content, businesses can connect with their target audience and build a strong connection. Additionally, by using relevant hashtags, businesses can ensure that their content is discoverable by those who are looking for it.

Twitter Marketing

Seeking the assistance of our professional Twitter marketing expert is the right way to spot your target customers, measure analytics, and create paid or organic marketing strategies. 

Twitter marketing can be a great way to connect with potential and current customers. By creating engaging and informative content, you can build a following of people who are interested in what you have to say. Additionally, Twitter marketing can be a great way to drive traffic to your website or blog.

twitter logo
youtube logo

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is one of the largest platforms online shoppers use for discovering brands. Upgrade your YouTube social media marketing to capture and compel the attention of your prospects with LAPR’s experts. 

YouTube marketing is a powerful way to reach a wide audience. You can create engaging videos that promote your brand or product, and then use YouTube‘s vast distribution network to reach potential customers. YouTube marketing can be an effective way to generate leads, build brand awareness, and even drive sales.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn marketing can be used to create brand awareness, generate leads, and build relationships with customers and potential customers. LinkedIn marketing can also be used to drive traffic to a company‘s website or blog. LinkedIn marketing can be an effective way to connect with customers and potential customers, but it takes time and effort to build relationships. 

Our LinkedIn marketing strategy can help you establish your brand reputation. We manage company pages, connect brands with the industry leaders and create valuable posts for the businesses on this professional forum.

linkedin logo

Why Choose Los Angeles Public Relations for your Social Media Marketing?

Los Angeles Public Relations is one of the leading social media and digital marketing PR firms serving the industry for years. We offer transparent and reliable services to help brands boost their online revenues. Our social media marketers’ team is passionate and committed to providing impeccable strategies to meet the evolving needs of the online marketplace.

Get in touch with us if you want;

 At Los Angeles Public Relations, we work as a team to create specific strategies according to the industry demands and online marketing needs. We assign a dedicated social media marketing manager to your brand that assists you throughout your campaign.

We believe in simplifying the process for our clients. Therefore, our social media marketing specialist divides the campaign into several steps with a strategic plan to follow in each phase. It allows you to understand the process moving forward and make strategies easy to implement.

Creating a custom social media marketing plan is a quality of Los Angeles Public Relations that makes us stand out. When you hire us, we strive to understand your company’s goals and design a social media marketing plan specific to your business needs. Our digital marketing specialist focuses on your target audience to devise a plan that helps you drive high ROI.

We are professionals and facilitate you with the best methods of service. Our team makes social media marketing and campaign reports with strategies and measures used during the process. It includes a breakdown of our team’s tasks to improve your marketing and sales. The report provides you with an overview of the entire campaign.

Contact us to reach more customers and improve your brand awareness!

los angeles pr as you social media marketing company

Social Media Marketing FAQs

Digital and social media marketing is the crucial component of the marketing strategy of your business to drive growth and connect with the prospects.

The cost of social media marketing services varies depending on your marketing plan. The industry average to hire a social media marketing agency is between $4000 and $7000.

The social media marketing package includes;

  • Creating content for social media
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Engaging with prospects across multiple platforms

By incorporating social media marketing strategies, you can expect improved brand identity and customer engagement.

Using social media marketing strategies, you can expect more website traffic compared to the average (7.7 percent).

It depends on the social media marketing agency you hire and your strategies for the purpose. However, with result-oriented strategy, you can expect to see the positive customer engagement within 3 to 4 weeks.

Los Angeles Public Relations Services

Los Angeles Public Relations offer various services regarding public relations such as:

Maintain an appropriate relationship with the government, manage and disseminate the information in an effective manner to influence the public perception

government pr by lapr
social media marketing by lapr

Use social media platforms to promote your services and products with the best digital marketing strategies.

Monitor conversations, and perceptions, respond to threats, seize opportunities, and boost reputation.

reputation management by lapr

Prepare your brand for a significant event that can threaten its reputation.

pr crisis management by lapr
consumer pr by lapr

Communicate with your target audience and consumers by employing the most effective PR tactics and marketing plans

Make our entertainment publicist your team partner to promote your brand through celebrities and famous artists

entertainment and sports pr by lapr