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Public Relations (PR) Crisis Management Services

Do you want to save your brand reputation from an unexpected crisis potentially? Count on Los Angeles Public Relations for PR crisis management!

Whether it is a poorly planned advertising campaign, a negative review, a data breach, or an executive scandal, our crisis PR agency can help you limit or mitigate the damage!

We’re credible Public Relations crisis management experts willing to protect your brand’s reputation. Call us today to manage your PR crisis.

What is a PR crisis?

A PR crisis can be anything from humiliation and receiving negative comments to a poorly planned marketing campaign that damages the reputation of an individual or company. PR crisis leads to damaging and disruptive results if not taken into account.

The technological advancement in today’s era, mainly social media, has made learning how to handle public relations crises significant. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, the negative publicity can go viral within minutes. It is especially true if you don’t have dependable crisis communication experts for timely PR damage control.

Once negative feedback or opinion goes viral online, stopping it from damaging your reputation online is difficult. The issue can be related to a buyer’s accident at your business location, an unhealthy brand practice, or any employee-related problems.

stressed woman due to pr crisis

Public relations crisis communication is essential because not dealing with the issue taints the business’s image in the minds of followers and consumers. What is crucial to understand is that controlling the outcomes isn’t possible.

Take the example of the famous brand Taco Bell, an American fast-food restaurant chain. The brand underestimated social media’s power when someone posted a video of its employee calling the cops to arrest a deaf man trying to place an order at a drive-through.

The video went viral within minutes, receiving over 1.5 M views and more than 14k comments. Most of the comments the brand received were negative. The video was shared 27k times, and this number is still increasing.

The entire fiasco cleared one thing the potential for such a crisis has increased significantly for brands regardless of their size. The damage to the reputation is no longer restricted to a corporate scandal or natural disaster.

This is a digital age; buyers, consumers, and customers are online 24/7. Brands and businesses must have a comprehensive strategy to prevent cyber attacks, hackers, fake news, or defamatory rumors. They need the services of a reliable agency for crisis management in public relations.

 PR firms that deal with crisis management can help your business handle PR storms. They understand that a PR crisis is unpredictable and can affect any business at any time. The effects may seem negligible initially, but if you don’t address the issue timely, they can damage the brand in the long run.

As people watch your brand all the time, they can share their views and outrage. You need public relations services such as Los Angeles PR to reduce or mitigate the effects. We are one of the most sought-after crisis public relations agencies with dependable expertise and experience in helping brands deal with crisis management.

Our experts know how to handle PR crises and have helped many brands maintain their online reputation. Our team’s expertise in public relations and crisis management is impeccable, as they have years of experience dealing with negative publicity.

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When is A Crisis a Crisis?

Not every problem is a crisis. Businesses must understand what crisis management is and when they need to seek the assistance of a professional crisis management agency. If your brand faces negative publicity or getting bad reviews from your followers, you need to assess the situation.

Ask yourself the following questions;

o   How big is the issue? Will it impact the business workflow and reputation in any way?

o   Will it damage the business’s reputation, prospects, stakeholders, industry, and customers?

o   Will it disrupt the bottom line of the company?

man overwhelmed due to different crisis

You may think that the issues mentioned above would create a PR disaster, whereas you’d manage them if they happened separately. Even if a few of them hit at the same time, will you be able to manage them? 

The analysis is paramount if your brand’s reputation matters the most to you. Once you know the difference and have the answer, you know what precisely a PR crisis is and when dealing with professionals is imperative.

PR Crisis Level

Before discussing a full-blown crisis, remember that overreacting to a problem can deteriorate the potential issue. A mocking post on social media or a negative review isn’t a “serious crisis.”

While they are annoying and frustrating certainly, reacting or responding to them harshly or too strongly may increase the risk of potential damage to a business reputation. Highlighting one negative feedback (a minor one) can turn it into a PR crisis.

 Generally, the crisis has the following characteristics:

  • A sequence of sudden disruptive and disturbing incidents harming the reputation of the organization
  • The crisis may be a part of a problem customers have been facing for a long time or can happen on a short notice
  • A crisis often triggers a threat or feeling of fear among individuals

If something of this sort happens with your brand, you need to find the appropriate response and learn to categorize issues. Los Angeles PR offers an effective crisis communication service to help your brand recognize a reputational issue and deal with it if it explodes into a PR crisis.

Crisis communication public relations experts know the art of dealing with unexpected and sudden events disturbing your organization and employees as well consumers or clients. They are skilled in crisis communication PR and respond to negative publicity to contend with the effects.

Why Your Brand Needs Crisis Management?

Crisis management is essential to prepare your business to face adverse conditions and unexpected development with determination and courage.

You can take necessary measures to prevent severe reputational damage with PR crisis management. You can devise strategies with your PR crisis communication agency to cope with the uncertain or sudden event damaging your brand’s image.

At Los Angeles PR, we understand crises are unexpected and unfortunate facts, and brands are vulnerable to them. Preventing them isn’t possible; however, you can manage them wisely with a crisis management strategy. A good PR campaign is necessary to deal with the problems. Most people tend to go towards the bad PR tactics during the crisis.

We are one of the crisis PR agencies that can help you prepare for a crisis and respond to it if something occurs. If you have no idea of the crisis you’re currently facing or will be dealing with, our crisis management agency can provide you with an excellent communication plan.

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How to Prepare For a PR crisis?

Typically, when it comes to managing a crisis, there are two aspects you need to keep in mind—your preparedness to deal with the crisis and how you deal with the issue or issue. No matter the problem your brand is encountering, you can overcome it when you have a PR crisis management plan.

But you must have the right approach to help you overcome or control PR crises. With a solid public relations crisis management plan, you can reduce the damage. You must consider the components when preparing or making your crisis plan.

how to prepare for a crisis

 Living in a world always active on the internet and publishing opinions requires brands to be vigilant about what’s happening around their business. Sometimes, the crisis begins online or spreads through channels that brands aren’t aware of.

In the worst-case scenario, followers and prospects spot the issues before your brand’s PR team. Unnoticed or overlooked PR crises only escalate the bottom line of your brand.

You must have professional assistance for crisis management in PR to avert not only online crisis but also its escalation. It can help you stay updated on what people are saying or how they’re reacting to the things related to your brand or its products.

As a reliable crisis management PR firm, LAPR monitors social media channels and helps you gather all online mentions to stop a PR crisis. We have media monitoring tools to assess the feedback, sentiments, and volume of the mentions. The devices are great for analyzing the pace of the news or negative publicity spreading or getting traction online.

You’re mistaken if you think your services or products are safe to attract controversy or immune to a reputational crisis. No matter your brand’s progress pace, a PR disaster can hit you anytime. Therefore, you must have an effective crisis response strategy to know how to deal with it.

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How to Handle a Public Relations Crisis in Steps?

Steps for PR Crisis Management

To handle a PR crisis, you must have a well-planned crisis communication plan or strategy comprising a comprehensive action plan to take steps. It is critical to know when and how to react to defamatory rumors.

Consider incorporating the following step if you don’t know how to manage a PR crisis;

o   Classify the issue

o   Assess the crisis

o   Do PR crisis analysis

o   Prepare an action plan

o   React swiftly with a well-thought reply

A business must have a competent and experienced response team to deal with the PR crisis disaster. If you don’t have one, make sure you immediately appoint one who can speak on your behalf. Only an experienced crisis management PR firm can react fast and efficiently with one voice.

The most efficient teams are the combination of external public relations crisis communication experts and in-house professionals.

When you know what steps you should take before and after a mishap or crisis, determine the tools to help you deal with the situation. In addition to a media monitoring tool, you must have some more PR crisis management tools to o prevent further damage.

For instance, your business needs a robust communication tool to keep your employees in the loop. The tools such as  Slack allow you to create a channel, make calls and share important documents. As no one knows when a crisis can occur, ensure you have other ways to communicate with your PR response team.

Your team must have contact numbers and emails saved in a separate folder. Keep the information updated.

What else?

You can use tools like:

o   Real-time alerts

o   Video analytics

o   Sentiment analysis

o   Image recognition

How to avoid a PR crisis?

Let’s admit you cannot avoid a PR crisis. But, you can reduce the damage and effectively manage a PR crisis by identifying the risk early.

So, how can you do that? These tips may help;

Set Rules for Posting Content

Don’t post or release anything on social media or press without approval and pre-evaluation. You must have adequately established guidelines and comprehensive policies for the content you post. It helps you avoid legal issues and guide your PR team to protect the brand’s reputation.

Proofread the Content

Proofreading isn’t just essential to catch spelling errors. It is crucial to ensure you’re not posting something unethical or sensitive to the company’s reputation. You should have a PR crisis management social media strategy to protect you from potential issues.

Never be Offensive

Your content shouldn’t overstep the brand’s mark with the messaging. Instead of imposing your opinion on something, involve followers and ask for feedback.

Avoid Reacting Emotionally

Time is crucial, but rushing in with your responses can worsen the situation. While PR crises are inevitable, you must have a PR crisis communication plan that can potentially turn your negative opinions into positive ones.

What Not To Do In a Crisis?

You must consider these “don’ts” when implementing your crisis management plan or strategy.

Respond Negatively

Never lash out or respond negatively if the opposing party says something wrong about your company. Instead, think about your response strategically and reply with facts in a neutral tone.

Avoid Responding to “No Comment”

Not answering a potential question your followers or people ask during a PR crisis never makes a good impression on your brand. It makes the person feel you’re avoiding the issue or don’t have enough information. It is better to say that you will soon issue an official statement instead of saying “no comments.”

 If you’re unsure what is the right way to deal with the PR crisis, contact LAPR for your PR and crisis management.

How can a Crisis Response Team Prevent PR Mishaps?

The role of a crisis response team is to maintain a positive brand reputation for your business. As avoiding a PR crisis altogether isn’t possible, it is better to rely on your crisis response team to help prevent PR mishaps. It expects the unexpected and takes measures that help your brand minimize the reputational damage.

Why choose Los Angeles PR for PR crisis management services?

los angeles pr company after successful pr crisis management

Whether a disgruntled customer or a rumor regarding your brand went unnoticed, the PR issue needs proven crisis management strategies. Los Angeles PR has pros to handle the situation. They provide your brand with an effective crisis management plan to alleviate the damage. Our knowledgeable and skilled public relations crises minimize the damage with a solid PR crises management plan entailing the following steps;

  • Gather a PR response team
  • Brainstorm the potential crisis your business is facing
  • Explore the right to communicate
  • Maintain a command chain to ensure reliable and consistent messaging
  • Maintain a command chain to provide reliable and consistent messaging
  • Identify build support and stakeholders
  • Ensure spokespeople and your team go through media training

All you need is to trust our crisis management and communication team’s skills to help you devise an action strategy and set all the groundwork to recover from a PR crisis.

Don’t risk your reputation; give us a call if your brand is battling a public relations crisis!

PR Crisis Management FAQs

Crisis management refers to the process or steps brands take to address or deal with a crisis for a safe reputation.

 In a case like this, contact your crisis management team and discuss the situation before responding to the journalist.

You can use PR or public relations to insulate your brand from the negative consequences of the events. A PR crisis management agency creates messages for the followers and public to minimize the reputational damage.

The goals are to provide timely information to the targeted audiences to save the organization’s reputation and assets and maintain a good image.

PR crisis management agencies have professional teams, tools, and hands-on experience to handle the crisis.

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