How Digital Marketing Changed Public Relations?

how digital marketing changed public relations

Public relations have been an integral part of various organizations’ marketing strategies. Not only does it allow businesses to provide updates about new products and services, but it can also significantly impact a crisis.

However, the trend is shifting towards social media marketing as brands look for new ways to target their customer audience. They’re leveraging the new social media techniques to get a better part of the market share. The rise of social media marketing also caused Public relations to take a sharp pivot.

A decade ago, PR placements were the highlights of magazines, newspapers, nightly news, etc. However, brands now focus on a multichannel strategy, sharing content on various blogs, magazines, and platforms. So, how has the evolution of social media marketing changed the course of PR? We’ll discuss about how digital marketing changed public relations in this article.

The primary objective of the PR has always been about using third-party sources which will allow them to increase their awareness. But that is not the case anymore since the younger generation takes their information from social media platforms rather the reading the newspaper or watching the news.

A study by Pew Research Center shows that around 36% of adults between 18 to 29 consume their news through social media platforms. The percentage of people taking news from social media is:

  • 9% higher than news websites
  • 34% higher than the newspaper
  • 20% higher than television

Therefore, brands today are now changing their perception regarding PR efforts. However, to stay relevant in their respective industries, they need to combine traditional PR with the new unprecedented approach.

This way, they can handle the new and undiscovered methods of the informative press through which the users can easily consume on any device.

How Has Public Relations Changed in the Wake of Digital Marketing?

The practice of PR has seen a massive impact due to digital revolutions. With the rise of digital and social media marketing, there are a few changes that PR professionals need to adapt to. Here is how digital marketing has changed public relations.

Two-way Communication

One of the most significant changes that we see today in the PR industry is that it’s no longer a one communication process. Traditionally, the media outlets would have released the press releases that the professional sent them to inform their customers.

However, that is no longer the case; since the rise of social media usage, consumers can provide instant feedback. Therefore, PR professionals have to maintain a positive relationship with their customers.

Also, they now have to analyze the public’s reaction before publishing anything since a single tweet can go viral in minutes.

The Demise of Traditional Media

Before digital marketing, PR professionals had to maintain a good relationship with journalists. They would pitch their stories to journalists to get their press releases on the news. However, that is not the case anymore.

Instead, they are now maintaining relationships with influencers in their relevant industry to deliver their message. It can be challenging for PR professionals to stay updated on various social media platforms and content creators.

But, connecting with these influences and industry leaders will allow them to deliver their PR message more quickly and efficiently. Also, PR professionals must find innovative ways to pitch their stories to influencers.

24/7 Availability

Traditional PR strategies included sending out press releases to be printed in the newspapers or run during the news segment. Therefore, the brands only had a limited time and slot for their business. However, that is no longer the case with the emergence of digital marketing.

The increasingly globalized media is making it easier for brands to deliver news at any time of the day. They also don’t have to rely on a single channel to deliver their message since various platforms are available today.

What Does the Change Mean for the PR Industry?

Even though there are some changes in the traditional PR approach due to digital marketing, a few things remain constant. These things are vital for maintaining a positive PR influence in the industry. Here is what you need to keep in mind.

Crisis Management Is Here To Stay

One of PR’s most critical elements is managing a crisis for an organization. It entails formulating a message to address the controversy, dealing with rumors, and other situations. Even with digital marketing, the critical aspect of crisis management in PR is here to stay.

A single tweet can impact your brand’s reputation and negatively affect its perceived value. And in a world of social media, news can spread like wildfire. Therefore, brands must have a hands-on approach to deal with crises carefully.

They need to align the PR tactics with strategic media training and education to deal with any situation. In the case of trending news, consumers still get their information from third parties to learn the truth. That is where PR crisis management can come into play.

Your team can provide information to third parties that can help you mitigate the negative impact of the news and eradicate a value or trust loss in the brand.

You must have media houses, journalists, and other essential figures reporting on your case. PR protects your brand’s overall worth in the noisy digital realm.

Public Relations and Digital Marketing — The Bottom Line

The new approach to PR allows businesses to increase their reputation and maintain their brand value through digital marketing. It has changed the public relations industry, and PR professionals like Los Angeles PR Firms are leveraging it to their advantage.

Combining public relations with the Omnichannel holistic marketing approach will assist brands in delivering their message quickly. It will also help them to stand out and build a trusting relationship with their target audience.

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