How do I get good at public relations?

how do i get good at public relations

The public relations or PR industry is fast-paced and evolving. Promoting brand awareness may be stressful if you don’t know how to communicate with your target audiences, stakeholders, and media channels. With ever-expanding digitization, learning the right tactics of PR is crucial to becoming a pro in this field.

PR professionals must balance everything in public relations campaigns, from content marketing and analytics to integrating paid and social media to achieve measurable and consistent outcomes. Managing this is a lot of work, which is not an understatement. They must spend days researching and analyzing trends, reviewing plenty of case studies, blogs, and client industry news.

The best way to tackle the PR needs of your business or brand is to hire a reliable PR firm like Los Angeles Public Relations. The renowned firm has over ten years of experience managing and improving various brands’ PR and can offer you dependable services.

However, if you want to improve your Public Relations skills, focusing on learning “how do I get good at Public Relations?” is crucial. You could be one of the most desirable PR professionals if you have these skills. Keep scrolling to find some great tips to upgrade your PR skill set to become a professional PR specialist.

Public relations skills cover a broad spectrum of aptitudes and proficiencies. Generally, marketers categorize them as communications and marketing fields. You can use these skills for several things, such as introducing new goods or services or improving a company’s reputation.

Most of the time, public relations expertise aids in influencing public opinion, which is especially useful if your business wants to change the perception of its brand.

Examples of PR Skills

The most commonly used PR skills include:

  • Communication
  • Research
  • Social media skills
  • Creativity
  • Time management

Let’s discuss each of these skills in detail to find the answer to “how do I get good at Public Relations?”


Having strong communication skills helps you create engaging content, interact with audiences, and launch persuasive PR initiatives. You can clearly explain your thoughts to your coworkers and operate more productively as a team member if you have good communication skills. You must create and maintain strong relationships throughout your career.

Social Media Skills

An important part of public relations is maintaining your online presence on social media. You must understand how your target audiences behave on social media, what influences their choices, and what attracts them.

Additionally, you should regularly monitor social media trends and use them to your client’s or your business’s advantage.

Time Management

PR efforts have significant timing constraints. Given the amount of work required to develop and maintain a campaign, it’s critical to have strong time management skills. Maintaining the basic level of job quality while staying organized and accomplishing your goals is possible with effective time management. Nevertheless, great organizational skills help you become one of the prominent PR professionals.


Research could play a significant role in a lot of your PR efforts. In addition to learning everything you can about your or your client’s niche and industry trends, it’s critical to master the art of captivating an audience. Moreover, thorough research enables you to choose the best strategy for a given campaign and find information that may be useful to your customer.


A great PR effort requires the capacity for innovative thought. Since every PR crisis is unique, you should know how to use several strategies and tactics to handle each case.

How do I get good at public relations?

Are you thinking how do I get good at public relations? Let’s explore.

You will likely continue to perform daily balancing acts for some time. Multitasking, delegation, and creative problem-solving will always be key terms in the language of PR professionals. In a world where most people are just attempting to keep their inbox down, there are ways you can do to get good at public relations, become more proactive, and earn more. For making more money in PR sector, visit can you make a lot of money in public relations?

Here are some strategies to get better at PR.

Stay Organized

Time plays a very important role in perfecting your skills in public relations. You must make time because there will never be “enough” time for the organization. You will stand out from the crowd if you set aside time daily to manage your inbox, task list, and projects. This is one way to stay on top of things while continually coming up with novel ideas for clients.

Set Goals for Your Personal and Professional Development

Setting objectives for yourself and working toward them is a good way to advance your abilities as a PR specialist. For instance, you can aim to boost engagement over the coming months or improve the number of views for a specific video. By setting up personal and professional goals, you will have something to strive for and a way to track your development.

Prioritize the Information

Overflowing inbox means overloaded information; if you don’t know how to handle it, it may lead to blunders you don’t want to happen.

With an overcrowded inbox, success is simply impossible. You SHOULD master how to manage your inbox, whether you’re an intern or an executive of a PR business. To streamline and organize your e-newsletter subscriptions, use programs like Unroll. Me. The Email Game can help you keep your emails under control.

Stay Proactive on Social Media

It’s strange how people spend the entire day online working with clients; their personal social media profiles never seem to get updated. That is possible until you change careers or a client notices that your business’ Twitter account has not been updated in a while.

One simple way to manage your social media update as you go through your workday is by using a social scheduling tool such as Buffer or installing extensions like Hootlet.

Learn About the Client’s Focus

PR is about assisting your clients in reaching their objectives you’re working for a client. Your job is to assist them in achieving these goals as effectively and efficiently as possible, whether they are introducing a new brand, denoting a change in the company’s course, or improving its reputation.

As a result, your goal should be to find out as much as possible about your client and how you can support them in achieving their objectives.

Follow Influencers Relevant to the Field

Do you find staying updated about the PR industry or your client industry difficult? It is, without a doubt, too much pressure. Fortunately, you can save a significant amount of time by following the influencers to remain ahead of the curve.

Make Twitter lists and update your Feedly with influential blogs and online columns. You can do this to explore tweets and news articles to keep informed. After that, you can spread that information among your online and offline contacts to increase your influence.

Read More

You must schedule reading time. You cannot avoid it if you want to advance in this field. In addition to allowing you to provide original ideas, you can stay knowledgeable about the industries that your clients work in. It will make your job more enjoyable.

Add applications like SmartBriefs and Skimm to your devices. Skimm is a fantastic newsletter you can use for staying up to date on current events in the United States and worldwide in a single email that you can read in just a few minutes.

Understand SEO

You need to understand the fundamentals and concepts of SEO at this stage of the game if you want to differentiate yourself and increase your value to your company and clients. SEO affects almost all online activities you and your clients engage in.

Polish Blogging Skill

Keep your blog if you want to be a prospective public relations specialist. Look for possibilities to write and edit client or company blogs even if you don’t have a personal blog. It’s important to be able to show off your writing and to do it regularly.

Blogging is one way people assess or evaluate your writing, whether the reader is a prospective employer or a client that wants your business to promote their blog.

You need to learn how to adjust your writing tone whether you write as a company CEO or on behalf of a client’s company; blogging is an extremely important and valuable asset for public relations professionals.

Understand Measurement And Analytics

Let’s admit analytics are crucial (ask your clients). You can stand out in this domain as a PR expert by connecting strategies to concrete metrics. It’s wonderful to see online traffic increase due to a blog post or media attention, but the luster is rapidly lost if you can’t articulate the implications of that gain.

If you have some evidence to support those vanity metrics, you will gain tremendous favor from your boss, clients, and team. Reading essays and improving your professional analytics skills are worthwhile since they provide specific approaches to exploring measurement strategies.

Get Feedback On Your Pitches

Whether it’s for new business or media outreach, every member of a PR team— including the leadership—should be pitching in some way. Why? The reason is that pitching is an excellent way to highlight the brand offerings and products.

Remember that jumping back into the mix may turn into a scary or intimidating game if you take your mind off the pitching for even a week. Make it a practice to BCC a coworker on pitches, regardless of how long you’ve been doing it.

It’s even better if it’s a coworker or manager who has had more success or experience pitching because it gives you the opportunity to up the ante. Show them yours and ask for their feedback. After that, note what they said and improve your pitches.


Summing Up

The key message is that public relations skills are necessary for working in many jobs that demand constant communication with others. They include research, communication, and the ability to spot trends in public opinion. Thus, the skills mentioned above are what you need to get the hang of if you’re searching for “how do I get good at public relations?” These skills will help for you to become an effective PR professional.

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