The Best Ways to Get an Internship at a PR Agency

Internship at a PR Agency

If you have always envisioned representing brands, majored in communications, or enjoyed writing for different media, there is a good possibility that you are destined to work in public relations.

However, entering the domain can be quite distant from your ideal situation. We say this because it’s more difficult than ever to stand out in the crowd when applying for PR positions in businesses due to the intense competition.

But you can still land a PR intern job. So what is the best way to get an internship at a PR agency or in-house? The good news is that learning a few basic tips can help you when to apply for a PR internship at renowned PR companies, such as Los Angeles Public Relations.

The tips work for people looking to start a career as PR interns and can manifest great results if they use them efficiently. But before plunging into the discussion of what can help you get an internship at a PR agency, you should know the roles and responsibilities of a PR intern.

What Does a PR Internship Do?

The role of PR interns entails all aspects of the job. They assist in planning communication strategies, managing social media platforms, writing press releases, and planning marketing events. They also participate in brainstorming sessions and meetings. And that is where the multitasking ability can become necessary to become a skilled PR intern.

A person who is looking for a PR intern needs to have public relations internship skills like excellent communication, should be organized, respect deadlines, write clearly, and generally be able to coordinate with many people. Interns follow the advice of more experienced colleagues and utilize time management wisely by making valuable connections and learning as much as possible. Sometimes, it requires unlearning many things or traditional ways of working.

Why Should You Become a PR Intern?

As mentioned above, a PR internship is an excellent gateway for young professionals and enthusiasts to understand the field well. Plus, a PR internship is one way to demonstrate your potential, capabilities, and experience to your future employers.

By becoming a PR intern, you will get multiple opportunities to:

Strengthen Multitasking Skills

PR firms have an energetic and fast-paced atmosphere. Interns find themselves balancing several duties for various clients at once. While handling many tasks at once is challenging, it allows you to perfect and strengthen multitasking skills.

Get insight into Public Relations

Working around people you look up to and learn from is one of the best aspects of internships. When you work as a PR agency intern, you can interact with various PR experts with various backgrounds.

Grasp Customer Relations Skills

You will not only work with various types of coworkers but also encounter a range of diverse clientele. For example, although you might not directly interact with them as an intern, you can view the emails exchanged between your team members and clients. This is an easy way to polish your customer relations skills.

What are the Best Ways to Get an Internship at a PR Agency or In-House?

Have a Clear Idea about the PR Role that Interests You

Public relations comes in various forms, and there are various facets to learn about and investigate as an intern. These forms include celebrity PR, facility PR, event PR, partnership development PR, sponsorship PR, B2B PR, and more.

You shouldn’t sign up for an internship with a company that focuses on sports if your major goal is to work in public relations for medical institutions. Your passion for public relations is crucial to choose the field that best suits your interest.

Regardless of the PR field you select for an internship, ensure you enjoy it and unlock learning opportunities.

Find the Best PR Firms

The best way to get an internship at a PR agency is to list the top 10 PR companies where you want to work. Making a list can help you focus your search and also allow you to explore the companies and learn more about their business practices.

Utilize any data you can discover to assist in getting an interview. Most PR agencies don’t begin taking applications for interns until six to eight months or more. Therefore, it is imperative to create your list as soon as you can so that you can learn about and remember application deadlines.

Make a Solid Profile on LinkedIn

All young professionals should use LinkedIn, as it is a fantastic resource for interns. The best time to start networking is when you have a list of your target companies and a clear understanding of your goals. In addition, you should sign up for LinkedIn and search for experienced and reputed PR firms such as Loss Angeles PR.

Remember that your family and friends are a part of the network. They should know what you want to accomplish. For example, they may know relevant people or have people in their network that can help.

It’s a good idea to follow the top PR firms on LinkedIn to learn more about company culture and the workforce. Monitoring PR agencies’ daily updates may be time well spent shortly as they frequently release updates when looking for interns on LinkedIn.

Be Ready to Get Little or No Pay at Your Internship

Getting paid public relations internship is practically impossible. Why? Because thousands of people—both men and women—are vying for a chance to enter the field with a dream to make a successful career. Many of them are persistent and determined.

It’s a challenging field to break into in either case. The PR industry is fast-moving and close-knit—your reputation matters when you look for a PR intern position. Since an intern doesn’t yet have a reputation, you must establish one before applying.

Remember that a reliable reputation lasts longer. Consider your alternatives and determine how much you want expertise in your PR field. Committed, you can work hard to advance and earn your desired position. However, it doesn’t mean you should keep working as a nonpaid internship for years.

That’s incorrect, but to prevent it, you should inquire about possible employment following your internship. Make sure you ask your interviewer about the tenure you will be working as an intern and your scope to get a paid position.

Ask the questions without hesitation!

Moreover, an increase in responsibility, financial benefits as you succeed, advance within the organization, and other telltale signals let you know if your internship position is headed in the right direction.

Research the PR Agency You Wish to Be an Intern For

Always do your homework on the businesses you want to work for. Researching will help you determine the company’s values, culture, and goals. Also, determine the PR agency’s values that offer an internship program you want to work with aligns with your goals or not.

Additionally, this can help you demonstrate your best version when they inquire about your opinions of their organization, objectives, and previous work. A well-prepared intern impresses instantly and increases their chances of getting the job.

Get the Vibe of the Workplace during the Internship Interview

Try to sense the office’s atmosphere when you finally land an interview. You can determine the vibe as you enter a building. It gives you an idea about the workplace environment, people, and workflow.

If there are people who enjoy conversing with each other, you will naturally feel more welcome and motivated.

Use Interviews as a Networking Opportunities

When giving interviews for an internship, ensure that you ask as many questions as possible. Remember that you’re interviewing with them as they are with you. Ask them questions that will allow the PR agencies to provide you with further information. This is a great way to turn your interviews into networking opportunities.

Also, the agencies may point you in the direction of a better opportunity if you’re not interested in the internship. For instance, you can ask them about their rivals in the industry. Note that there are plenty of questions. You must be creative and innovative to find the information you want and make good connections.

Discuss Your Internship Expectations with the Interviewer

You should enter an internship with a clear understanding and knowledge of what you hope to learn and what the PR agency can teach you. Assessing the job description for the PR internship position you desire is an excellent method. Discuss with people in your circle to get more insight.

During your internship, be sure to learn everything on the list of employment requirements so that you can apply as a string candidate and have a chance of receiving the job if another similar opportunity arises.

Summing Up

Applying for the first internship is overwhelming, especially at a PR firm with unpredictable clientele and workload. Thus, the tips will help you pave your way to your desired position and get an agency for the internship opportunity you want to work with.

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