Who is a public relations manager?

who is a public relations manager

Have you been working as a PR specialist for several years? If so, that means you’re ready to climb the ladder! But before you move on to a public relations manager role, you must learn the responsibilities and duties of one.

Typically, public relations managers develop and implement an organization’s PR and media strategy, ensuring adequate media coverage and building brand awareness. In addition, PR managers draft and oversee media releases and social media content and forge relationships with journalists and key influencers. The influencers help to maintain and strengthen a strong relationship with the audience.

If that sounds like your dream job, look no further. Here we’ll discuss everything you need to know about a PR managers role:

A Quick Glance at What is a Public Relations Manager: The Day-to-Day

Today, over 28 716 Americans are public relations managers responsible for planning and directing the creation of creative material to build and maintain their brand’s image.

Most PR managers start their day by working on a proactive PR strategy that helps to improve their awareness and reputation management. They will often work with communication strategies or marketing directors.

Another critical role of a public relations manager is directing, analyzing, and reporting on media coverage. They’ll also cultivate relationships with influential journalists and thought leaders within your industry and write or approve press materials and digital content.

Lastly, PR managers must brief the organization’s spokespeople on communicating with the media. They also have to handle the PR responses to “crisis” situations and organize promotional events.

What Does a Public Relations Manager Do?

Traditionally, PR managers focus on helping organizations maintain and enhance their organization by sponsoring corporate events, reviewing press releases, and digital creation. But today’s public managers have to wear several hats and boast diverse skillset to help clients create a powerful impact.

According to research, 88% of PR professionals agree strategic planning will be the top skill in the next few years, followed by media relations and social media. Therefore, intimate knowledge of SEO, social media marketing, link building, influencer marketing, trending topics, and market analysis will be in-demand skills.

Let’s discuss in-depth the requirement and qualifications, necessary skillset, and responsibilities of a PR manager:

The Responsibilities and Duties of a Public Relations Manager

Typically, PR managers have to:

  • Develop, implement, and manage a public relations strategy with goals and budget
  • Create and manage public relations activities
  • Craft and pitch compelling and refreshing brand stories across various platforms to promote company presence and enhance engagement
  • Create, edit, and update promotional material to build brand awareness and maintain brand image
  • Design and review the content in media kits
  • Manage content produced for websites, social media channels, and other platforms
  • Develop talking points for management and employees
  • Foster relationships with media personnel and critical influencers
  • Produce content for speeches, events, hearings, etc.
  • Seek opportunities for sponsorships, events, and advertising
  • Plan and implement budgets for PR events, relations programs, and initiatives
  • Determine KPIs for the PR department
  • Develop and implement crisis communication advice, as required
  • Prepare periodic reports with recommendations and trends for management
  • Recruit and train new members of a PR team
  • Working with the social media and content creation team to create a monthly creation calendar

The Requirements and Qualifications of a Public Relations Manager

Typically, the requirements of a PR include the following:

  • A particular year of prior experience working in a PR role
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
  • Ability to design and implement successful campaigns
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong relationships with local and national business and industry media outlets
  • Tech-savvy with a robust online presence on multiple networks
  • Experience in handling media relations
  • Exceptional presentation and leadership skills
  • Experience in event planning

Essential Skills of a Public Relations Manager

To become a PR manager, you must have excellent writing and editing skills. In addition, public relations managers need the following skillset to excel in their duties:

  • Superior customer relationship management skills
  • Proficiency in word processing software and tool
  • Awareness of the PR’s significance in social media
  • Ability to write compelling copies that get results
  • An analytical mind and problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of industry best practices
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Exceptional project management skills

How Do You Become a Public Relations Manager?

The journey to becoming a PR manager from a publicist requires you to meet specific educational and training criteria.

A public relations manager must have a bachelor’s degree in media and communications, English journalism, marketing, or any related field. They may also get a master’s degree in media, marketing professionals, or another related field, but it’s unnecessary.

In addition, you’ll have to get particular certifications, such as the Accredited in Public Relations certification issued by the UAB and the Accredited Business Communicator offered by IABC. Some companies may also require you to show a management training certification since the job role includes monitoring a team.

Furthermore, PR managers should have five+ years of experience in the PR field and two years of experience leading a PR team. You’ll also have to showcase a proven track of successful campaigns, press releases, etc.

Public Relations Manager Salary Expectations

On average, public relations managers earn $100,810 annually. However, as the worth of the job role continues to grow, the average base pay will likely increase.

The Bottom Line

A qualified PR manager can mean the difference between helping your brand grow and leading to its downfall. Therefore, it’s critical that organizations and entrepreneurs alike make the right hire.

Working with a manager from a firm like Los Angeles Public Relations ensures that they have the right skills to make your brand image shine. So, build a strong position in the market by keeping the requirements and educational and training experience in mind.

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